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xasteriia replied to your post: can someone give me three easter eggs …

I can’t :c But if it does come down to it, you could always try going back a day and then forward again as a last measure.

I try avoiding doing that because I heard there is thsi glitch where the rocks can be permanent rocks? or something like that LOL I don’t want more rocks in my town 

can someone give me three easter eggs in ACNL? I need the one from the rock, tree and the one you dig up. Somehow my game isn’t giving me the last 3 eggs. The rocks I have are the rocks I always had, I chopped down almost all of my trees and there is nothing for me to dig up. 


i am genuinely paranoid that everyone secretly hates me and thinks i am really annoying and ugly and is pretending to be my friend and it’s all part of some big joke


Do you ever have a problem where you just don’t know how to reply to an argument, not because you don’t know the answer, but you just don’t know where to begin? Like, the foundation of knowledge you’d need to impart to this person before you could even begin to drag them out of their sinkhole of ignorance would cost thousands of dollars if it were coming from a university?

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The view from the top. A scenery that I will never be able to see on my own.

Fairy Tail meme: Two Dragon Slayers.          
                [1/2] Wendy Marvell

Fairy Tail meme: Two Dragon Slayers.          

                [1/2] Wendy Marvell

People who don't wear glasses: I wish I wore glasses.
People who wear glasses: No.


I never told you to treat me like a princess I want you to treat me like a dragon, cower in fear before me and get me expensive shiny things

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the last of us + scenery


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We’ll meet again.

❝ How do you like my new outfit? It was designed by Someone from Anytown!

- Ancient mayor horror story (via kamiki-crossing)

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Hinata’s far removed from his true potential, but he has rare speed and reflexes and his jump… He didn’t get the chance to play with a setter in junior high, and Kageyama is seeking for a fast spiker who can hit his tosses. Those guys are imperfect on their own, but put their abilities together… if we can utilize that combination… Karasuno will make explosive improvement!" -haikyuu!! ep.2

how hard is it to find a PAX code


進撃ログ【アルアニ他】|| 空倉シキジ

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